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Working to Restore and Advance the Middle Class

Welcome to my site.  I am forming an exploratory committee to prepare for running as an Independent candidate in the General Election in Colorado for U.S. Senator.   I will be running in the General Election to Represent the citizens of Colorado in the U.S. Senate and indirectly the Middle Class of America.

I am the first officially recognized candidate of the American Middleclass Party (AMP) and hopefully the first of many as we begin the journey to return the American Middle Class to the position of strongest and most secure Middle Class in the world.  AMP is not a separate party but is rather a Party within all political parties.  It is comprised of and dedicated to the Middle Class, please see the AMP tab on this site for more on AMP.

I believe Colorado elections should be for Coloradans and not just the privileged, the well off, or the 1% who continue to find new ways to purchase politicians.  With this in mind I will not be accepting any donations or contributions from special interests, Economic Royalists, or persons outside of Colorado.  What I will be accepting is your Vote and a reasonable donation that all Coloradans could manage.  With your help we can make Colorado the first State, of hopefully many, where Votes are more important than cash.

Please Register as a Supporter to expand our campaign. Click on the Get Involved tab and select Join to become a new member.

Please bear with us over the next 2-4 weeks (through March 31st) as this website and the information on it is updated to more accurately reflect changes in policies or current issues and concerns.  Thank you for coming to my site, where voters truly are the most valuable asset.


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Daily Thoughts and Observations

* Get AMP'd - Recharge the Middleclass ________________________________ * Anything worthwhile is seldom accomplished without effort. Get involved make an effort, join up, inspire others. _________________________________ * Please become involved with my campaign. Because of my support for the Middle Class and not the corporations or special interest, I can not expect support from the corporate media or either of the major parties. In fact we very much expect that they will all be working actively against us.

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